100% electrically driven

Electrification is the future and our unique collaboration is part of it. The One is the only partner you will need for everything involving control systems, radio control, electrified hydraulics and battery drives. The One is founded on a unique collaboration between the innovative knowledge-based hydraulics company HydX and its sister company ETP which is an expert in electric powertrains. Together we are experts in electrified hydraulics, and we can offer customers a tailored turnkey solution when it comes to combining hydraulics with an electric drive or a battery drive.

Electric powertrain

Blue Pac battery drive

Lower operating costs, reduced exhaust emissions and an improved working environment with a simple change. ETP and Blue Pac have the solution you need. Blue Pac is an Electric Power Take-Off (ePTO) that replaces conventional power take-offs in trucks and enables emission-free, energy-efficient operation throughout the workday without the need to connect the truck to the power grid. Blue Pac replaces idling and can be installed on trucks for tasks such as operating cranes, waste compression, rotating cement mixers, and filling and emptying tanks.

Electric powertrain

Bodywork for trucks

Blue Pack’s cost-effective and smart solution improves the work environment and reduces the climate footprint. Your company can now reduce its exhaust emissions without losing efficiency.

Electric powertrain

Mobile hydraulics

Our sister company is one of the Nordics’ most competitive hydraulics companies. They are experts in combining mobile, industrial and marine hydraulics with control systems and radio control.

Electric powertrain

Electrified hydraulics

The One is a unique collaboration between two innovative knowledge companies, HydX and ETP. It is the only partner you will need for control systems, radio control, electrified hydraulics and battery drive.

Opt for a climate-smart solution with an electric powertrain

ETP Kraftelektronik and Blue Pac create customer-specific total solutions with an electric powertrain, optimised for your application. We are the only partner you need when it comes to electric traction, 100 per cent electric drive and battery drive. Over more than 40 years, ETP has built up the experience and competence required to be your flexible partner and supplier of sustainable and climate-smart solutions. We are experts in what we do, we can tailor standard solutions, develop new products, and optimise functions and performance. ETP is your partner, whatever your company needs. As a designer, supplier, technical expert or project leader. We can also take overall responsibility for the entire electric powertrain.