Reduced carbon emissions for trucks

Take a chance and electrify your truck’s bodywork today. It is an efficient way to reduce carbon emissions for trucks, lower operating costs, improve working conditions and work energy-efficiently throughout the workday. Blue Pac is an Electric Power Take-Off (ePTO) developed by ETP Kraftelektronik, which replaces the conventional power take-off in trucks. The ePTO is designed to operate the trucks’ bodywork electrically. This means that the truck can operate energy-efficiently and with zero carbon dioxide emissions – all day. Blue Pac replaces idling, which reduces the CO2 footprint and creates a more pleasant work environment due to the 50% reduction in the noise level.

Reduced carbon emissions for trucks

Reduce trucks’ CO2 emissions

Blue Pac is one ePTO option. The Silent Power is another. It is a mains-connected, fossil-free complement to the battery drive of vehicles and their hydraulic equipment. HydX and Bröderna Johanssons Karosserifabrik have created an eco-friendly and silent power source. It is powerful enough for the applications available on the market. The solution can be used flexibly either together with a truck-mounted boom lift, or separately. It is detachable and can be moved from one machine to the next.

Reduced carbon emissions for trucks
Reduced carbon emissions for trucks

Mobile hydraulics

By combining mobile, industrial and marine hydraulics with control systems and radio control, HydX creates customized solutions.

Electrified hydraulics

The One is the only partner you will need. The collaboration between HydX and ETP provides your company with unique opportunities for all applications that combine electric drive and hydraulics.

Reduced carbon emissions for trucks

Electric Powertrain

ETP has the competence you need in electrification. We are experts in everything involving electric powertrains and serve as a reliable partner for your company.

A fossil-free alternative for the environment

ETP Kraftelektronik AB is an expert in electric traction, while Blue Pac creates fossil-free solutions that provides reduced carbon emissions for trucks. Already in 2001, Blue Pac was involved in developing the world’s first garbage truck with hybrid drive and we continue to come up with new innovations. Twenty years on, we are still working hard to reduce the CO2 footprint, lower operating costs and improve the work environment through replacing the conventional power take-off in trucks with the Electric Power Take-Off (ePTO).

Blue Pac replaces idling,  and can be installed on trucks for tasks such as waste compression, operating cranes, filling and emptying tanks, and rotating cement mixers.